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We are Professional Autospa & Ceramic Coating Specialists and we are proud to extend this exclusive offer to CAA Members.

Introducing Arctic Coating

A new generation automotive paint protection coating, carefully design on a nanoscale.

Being based in Norway we know what kind of harsh elements the paint has to endure, and for us the goal is simple, to offer the best possible protection on the market. With endless testing and hard work behind us we have created what we believe is the best nanotech coating on the market. We differ from other makers of protective coatings in the sense that we include our customers in the product development process. Our current products are a result of what our customers said they needed, we came up with numerous versions for them to test and now we are here presenting the final products.

It is a basic human instinct wanting to protect the things you love. That can mean using a helmet while skiing or putting on a raincoat before going outside, doesn’t really matter, the principle stays the same. For us it’s all about cars, more specifically paint. Paint is the most fragile part on a car, it’s easy to get scratches, it corrodes over time, UV beams makes the paint fade and all sorts of dirt and grime on the road will tear on the paint over time. Over the years there have been various solutions to prevent these things from happening, but the technology has pretty much stayed the same for a long period of time, until now. Nanotechnology makes it possible to make a coating so strong that it will protect against swirls, minor scratches, chemicals and other harmful things. By designing structures on a nanoscale, we can create a protecting layer that can be compared to a layer of glass applied on top of the clear coat.

So, what happens now? Well, we are never satisfied, there is always room for improvement, and we have already started to work on both new products and updates for existing products. We do this because technology progress at such a high pace that we need to keep up in order to offer you the most advanced and robust paint protection coatings.

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What is Arctic Coating?

Arctic Coatings Professional line consists of our most advanced solutions aimed at experienced detailers. To use these products you have to be a certified Arctic Coating Detailer, this is because we want to make sure the people who use these products have enough experience and skill to offer the highest level of quality in the industry. The products are developed together with our ambassadors to ensure that we create products that meet their high requirements.

  • 2 step nanoceramic paint protection for automotive surfaces that has rendered waxes and synthetic sealants obsolete
  • Extremely durable liquid glass barrier that offers excellent protection against the harsh elements vehicle paint work are exposed to on a daily basis
  • Adds high gloss and depth to surfaces
  • Makes exterior maintenance easy and cuts drying time by more than half
  • Offers light scratch resistance as the glass barrier is harder than most factory clear coat
  • Chemical, UV rays, oxidation, and corrosion resistant
  • Repels water by causing water to bead up and roll off the surface
  • Protected vehicles will always look freshly waxed after a car wash

Arctic Base: Our base coat is what creates a protective barrier between the clear coat and the outer elements. It has a hardness of 9H at the pencil test scale due to its Si02 process formula. This layer bonds with the paint and can only be removed by wear and tear over time. No chemicals will damage the coating.

Arctic Top: Our top coat also has Si02 properties, but is designed to add slick mirror-like gloss, colour depth, and incredible water repellency. An application of top coat causes liquids to bead up and rolls off the surface; taking away loose contaminates with it.

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Arctic Coating Preparation
CAA Member’s Promotion

Norwegian designed ceramic paint protection for all automotive finishes.
Inspired by the hostile climate of the Arctic.

Pricing Car SUV XL SUV
Retail $1,378.00 $1,436.00 $1,499.00
CAA Members $999.00 $1,099.00 $1,199.00

Recommended for New & Pre-Owned Vehicles

By Appointment Only

What does the promotion include?

Step 1

Auto Detailing

  • Foam Bath
  • Fallout Removal
  • Meticulous Hand Wash
  • Air Dry
  • Clay Bar Treatment (Exterior Paint)
  • Wheels & Wheel Wells Cleaned

Step 2

Paint Correction

  • Highspeed machine polishing to achieve medium to light scratch and swirl removal

Step 3

Arctic Coating (Nanoceramic Paint Protection)

  • 1 layer of Arctic Coating Base Coat on exterior surfaces, including exterior paint, headlights, side mirror housing, tail lights
  • 1 layer of Arctic Coating Top Coat on exterior surfaces, including exterior paint, headlights, side mirror housing, tail lights, and windshield


Exclusive Extras & Bonuses

  • Arctic Coating Vehicle Certification Card
  • Arctic Coating Windshield & Front Window Coating
  • Interior vacuuming

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